A Day in the Life

In the middle of my workout at the gym. Fairly typical day for me.

In the middle of my workout at the gym. Fairly typical day for me.

I have a feeling my day to day schedule is going to change a lot from here on when I get finished with training certifications and go out in the world to work. But for now, I have a decent schedule and I can even balance training myself and friends, keeping my house, and cooking clean dinners for my husband many nights.

7:30 am — get woken up by barking Holes puppy. Get up and let the dogs out for a bit while I go to the bathroom too. Go back to sleep for a few hours while the pups hang out in the dog beds in our room, half awake.

9 am — wake Wes up if he’s not getting up, and get up myself. If he’s grumpy at me, I put Holes on the bed to wake him up. (Holes is nicer about it than Nones. Nones tends to think sleeping person equals the suffocate person game.) We go into the kitchen and get breakfast. Either I make eggs or bacon or both, or Wes eats cereal. We sit with coffee and tea and talk for a while before Wes ‘commutes’ into his home office to work and I get dressed in gym clothes to start my day.

10 am — check email (more like delete bunches of junk mail). Get the dogs fed and take them out or walk them.

Between 11 and 12 am — leave to walk to the train to go to the gym. Walking is about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on my energy. Take two trains, one eastbound and then one northbound.

1 pm — IF I get to the gym by this time, I do an hour of warm up on the treadmill while watching The Chew (my favorite show). If I don’t have a lot of time, I skip the TV and do my She Sweats 12 Week Transformation Workout (right now I’m in the Extreme Workout, and I LOVE it. I love doing cardio on the circuit the way they have it set up. You only have to run for 5 minutes at a time and it’s much less boring).

4 pm — If I’m waiting for my workout/training buddy to show up, I might jump in the pool for some laps to loosen up my muscles. Or I’ll go across the street to Caribou Coffee to get a small latte with soy milk. It’s just about the only place I can stand to drink the soy milk nowadays. (Or the fancy Octane coffee shop in our neighborhood).

Alternately, I may jump on the train to meet said workout/training buddy in Midtown to run around Piedmont Park. We’re running a 5k a month together this year. So we’re trying to maintain our running fitness.

Between 5 and 6 pm — I will meet up with my workout buddy. If we’re at the gym, we’ll do a lifting workout I’ve created specifically for her. I’ll do it with her, of course, checking form and trying to help her along. In Midtown, we’ll run around the park.

6 to 7 pm — I’ll get on the train and head for home. Hopes are I get home by 8 pm and start cooking up dinner for my husband.

7 pm — Dinner is cooked. Husband sits at the table with me and talks to me while he eats. After dinner, he goes back to his lair to do some more computer work while I clean up, feed the dogs, and do projects.

7 pm to 12 pm — I do all sorts of things at this time. Cooking, baking projects. Laundry. Working on my quilt. If I’m especially tired, I’ll look at blogs and watch more TV: especially if I missed The Chew that day. I really enjoy that show!

12 pm — I go into the office and beg Wes to come to bed. Sometimes he does, sometimes he can’t. Right now he’s working on a project and he tends to work late into the night. So if he doesn’t come to bed, I’ll take my medicines and go to sleep to do it all again another day.

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