Running: Fast Fun Phidippides 5K

Running is something so many people do. It’s the discovery of that phenomenon called the runner’s high that can take any proclaimed non-athlete and make them a runner for life or at least for a season.

I started running after I did my first sprint triathlon. Sort of a backwards thing really. My swim team friends were doing it and somehow they convinced me. Although my time was pretty atrocious, I’ve been hooked ever since.

This last Saturday, one of my local friends and I were signed up to do a “fast, fun 5k” in midtown. By the end of the week we were both completely against going since the weather showed a hundred percent chance of rain. Ugh! We decided to get up on Saturday and play it by ear.

WIDE awake! Waiting for my ride to come get me.

WIDE awake! Waiting for my ride to come get me.

Well, after waking up at 6am, I was pretty sure I didn’t care that it was raining. I was awake! I had coffee! I slept like crap! I wanted to do this thing.

A text conversation ensued. She was still on the fence, her boyfriend was doing the race rain or shine. And I wanted to, too. So somehow I got her convinced to come get me.

Waiting for the couple, it was actually almost dry out so I hoped maybe we would get lucky. Exactly the moment they pulled up to my house, the sky opened up with the downpour. We drove out to the Ansley Mall and parked. And then we walked the mile to our actual starting line.

At the starting line, with the tiny crowd of racers before we start.

At the starting line, with the tiny crowd of racers before we start.

We were already wet, but trying to just make the best of it and get this done. The start was announced and my friend’s boyfriend took off, being a much faster runner. She and I started running — and I started talking. Talking mostly because I was commanded to (ha!) and to take her mind off the slightly faster clip than she was used to. The race wasn’t too bad for the area, being gentle sloping hills and nice downhills. We complained at the foot of every hill and were happy running down them.

At the 2 mile marker, we slowed a bit, since my friend was starting to feel that 9 minute mile pace I was pulling her at. When we got in sight of the finish line, we started sprinting and crossed it at about 34 minutes. Considering my normal pace is about 30 minutes or less, this was slow for me, but I was intending to run it WITH my friend and that ended up being a revelation for me. It’s much more fun to run a race — any race, with someone to talk to, and at a pace you can actually talk! So we had a good time.

Post race. She's wearing our race shirt, and I'm soaked with the jacket still on.

Post race. She’s wearing our race shirt, and I’m soaked with the jacket still on.

Afterwards we went for brunch at Ria’s Bluebird before they dropped me off at home to wake up my (STILL SLEEPING) husband.

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